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Agambeniana is a site for an attempt to make the exhaustive bibliography of Giorgio Agamben (1942- ). (But this site is not official, and so does not have any personal relation to the philosopher himself.)
As it is only an attempt, the bibliography presented here is always incomplete; for example, “???” marks indicate unfortunate lack of information. If you have information of any kind to enrich it, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thank you.
Now it covers 12 languages : Italian, French, English (or American), German, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Finnish, Dutch (or Flemish), Norwegian, Turkish & Greek. But if you inform me of the existence of texts in other languages, it will be my pleasure to add them, of course.

How to use it
Principally it presents original texts in Italian for general lists; and you will find nation flags aside. If you want to have information of the French version of such text, for example, you only have to click on the mark. But sometimes Italian texts are not original versions, or simply they do not exist. In this case, the bibliography presents the texts published first.
refers to occasional information about document.

To complete this project, please contact me to tell me more information about Agamben. All sorts of remarks are welcome.
And I invite you to subscribe to our mailing list. There you can find friends with whom you discuss anything you like about Agamben’s works. And I announce there Agambeniana’s updates.

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