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Agamben appeared in Pier Paolo Pasolini’s film Il vangelo secondo Matteo (1964), playing the role of Filippo (Philip the apostle).

Agamben participated in a series of debates «Carrefour des littératures européennes de Strasbourg» on November 7-10, 1992. Here is the minutes of this symposium :
Carrefour des littératures européennes de Strasbourg (éd.), Penser l'Europe à ses frontières : Géophilosophie de l'Europe, La Tour d'Aigues, l'Aube, 1993.
Most probably, he read a rough sketch of «Al di là dei diritti dell’uomo» (see of Mezzi senza fine).

Agamben wrote partially the script of Roberto Paci Dalò’s spectacle, Terra di nessuno, Giardini Pensili and Dark Camera Production, 1993.

Agamben talked about possibilities and dangers of Maurice Blanchot’s discussion on the «La littérature et le droit à la mort» :
Hugo Santiago, Un siècle d’écrivains : Maurice Blanchot, Paris, France 3 (television) & INA, September 30, 1998.

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