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Giorgio Agamben, «Violenza e speranza nell’ultimo spettacolo», in Codici immaginari, no 1, ???, ???, gennaio-marzo 1993, pp. ???.
(I suppose the text is the same as the one with the same title published in I situazionisti. See this page.)

Giorgio Agamben, «Idea del dettato», in Arsenale, no 1, Roma, ???, gennaio-marzo 1985, pp. 43-46.
(For the moment I have not identified this magazine yet. But this must be pp. 32-34 of Idea della prosa, as Fabio said to me....)

Giorgio Agamben, «???», in Niccolò Ugo Foscolo, Sonetti (Franco Rella & G. Agamben, a cura di), Milano, Feltrinelli, 1982, pp. ???.
(There may be his introduction.)

Giorgio Agamben (éd.), Des Grecs, Paris, Albin Michel, 1991.
(I found somewhere on the web that this book exists, but I can never find it at Bibliothèque nationale de France....)

Giorgio Agamben, «An Idea of Glory» (???, trans.), in Flash Art, no 124, ???, ???, October-November 1985, pp. 80-81.
(Perhaps there exists the original text in Italian also, because Flash Art has its Italian version also.)

Giorgio Agamben, «¿Que es un campo?» (???, trad.), in Sibila, no 1, Sevilla, ???, 1995, pp. ???.
(Most probably this is a Spanish translation of «Che cos’è un campo?», but I have not yet come to find this review.)

Giorgio Agamben, «Los fantasmas de la melancolia» (???, trad.), in Pasajes, no 8, Pamplona, 1987, pp. 5-22.
(Maybe this is a partial translation of Stanze or something.)

Giorgio Agamben, «La sociedad del espectéculo y la política del hombre cualquiera» (???, trad.), in Archipiélago, no 16, Barcelona, Archipiélago, ???, pp. ???.
(Please give me more information on the review Archipiélago!)

Giorgio Agamben, «El pueblo y su doble» (???, trad.), in Archipiélago, no 24, Barcelona, Archipiélago, abril-junio 1996, pp. ???.

Giorgio Agamben, «Politica del exilio» (???, trad.), in Archipiélago, nos 26-27, Barcelona, Archipiélago, enero-marzo 1996, pp. ???.

Giorgio Agamben, «El final del poema» (???, trad.), in El BanQuete, no 1, Córdoba, Alción Editora, octubre 1997, pp. ???.
(Most probably this is a Spanish translation of «La fine del poema», but I have not yet had more information. Look at this page.)

Giorgio Agamben, «Estancias» (???, trad.), in Colofón, no 15, Paris ???, Fédération internationale des Bibliothèques du Champ freudien ???, agosto 1996, pp. 52-54.
(I found it on the web. Look at this page. More information, please!)

Jorge L. Villacanas, «Estancias» (book review), in Debats, no 54, Valencia, Institució Alfons el Magnanim, diciembre 1995, pp. ???.
(I think it is Luis who gave me this information. If you have it in hands, could you give me pagination, maybe?)

Vittorio Gregotti, «???», in Company Towns, Bologna, CIPIA, 1997, pp. ???.
(Whenever I seek for something on Agamben with CD-ROMs, this title comes up to me. What’s this on Earth?)

Espen Hammer, «The Man Without Content», in Radical Philosophy, no 104, London, Radical Philosophy Ltd., November-December 2000, p. 53.
(I found it on the web. From here you can access to the index.... More information, please!)

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